Appliances you need in your Kitchen this Ramadan

Appliances you need in your Kitchen this Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is approaching fast. This beautiful month brings countless of blessings upon the worshippers of Allah along with festivities of Suhur and Iftaar. Every home and setting wants that their table should be lined up with the best of dishes that they can eat to pass the whole day along with being consumed when it’s time to break the fast.
For you to have the best and hearty meal, there is a requirement for some top of the line kitchen appliances in Sri Lanka. Each one of these will give you a great meal along with making cooking an easy job for you.
Many of the online marketplaces such as Kaymu and Takas have already started their Ramadan 2016 Kitchen appliances sales that people are making use of.
Here are some of the highly important kitchen appliances you need this Ramadan:

Microwave Ovens

If you are looking to get the best home kitchen appliances this month, then look for a good quality microwave oven. These heat, defrost, grill and cook your food to the perfection that you need. You can adjust the temperature and the type of function that needs to be performed on your food with the settings.


Every home needs a toaster. This device comes with the option of toasting and heating your bread to the perfection point that you need. When you buy these, always look at the number of slots along with device centering options that it has to offer. If you want to kitchen utensils buy online in this category, then go for ones by high selling brands.


A blender is a traditional item for every kitchen. There is a blade at the bottom of the jar that rotates with a motor to slice up anything placed in the device. Blenders and mixers will help you cut up items such as fruits, vegetables and all sorts of grains this Ramadan.

Food Processor

A Food processor is one of the Kitchen accessories you highly need. These come with a number of blades and attachments that allow you to perform a number of functions such as shredding, chopping, grating and mincing. These do not require any type of liquid to process.


The perfect juicer will give you fruit and vegetable juices that will keep your hydrated during the day when you consume them at Suhur time. There are multiple versions of these such as the citrus press or the ones with blades.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle will make your life highly easier this Ramadan. If you want to make some tea or coffee for either of the two times, you can simply boil up water in this device and you will be good to go. An electric kettle will save you time and space easily. When buying this, always consider the size and weight of the kettle.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker provides a huge amount of convenience to the person using it. This is not just used to make rice but it can cook things such as pasta, quinoa and many other food items. There are special ones dedicated for the making of rice only as well.

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